Wednesday, August 3, 2011

list of safe food :)

disebabkan ada seorang kawan aku nie dok tanya sangat sal makanan untuk sugar glider, nie aku nak la kongsikan sikit ngn semua...maklumat nie aku xlah...aku mintak izin lah. tak baik ciplak2 nie kan2??

nie ha list dia..baca elok2..xfaham amek lah kamus ya.

kalau x pun uncle google ada..             



-Avocado (Feed sparingly, particularly useful for weight gain. This fruit is extremely high in fat.-not recommended to feed regularly)

-Bananas (high in iron & phosphorus)

-Bell peppers (sweet)

-Blueberries (Small amounts once or twice a week - too much can give them the runs.)


-Brussel sprouts




-Chicken (Never raw. Boil until fully cooked, no seasonings. Use organic, if possible.)

-Corn (Only feed small amounts once a week at most. Corn is high in phosphorous which can inhibit the absorption of calcium if fed in large amounts.)


-Eggs (Always boiled or scrambled. Two gliders can share one egg.)


-Kiwi (Do not worry about removing seeds.)


-Mushrooms ((white) Store-bought only! I don't want to see anyone feeding their gliders something they found in the backyard, lol.)

-Oranges (However, not safe regularly. Citric acid can give gliders the runs. Works well to clear up a constipated glider. Never give to joeys.)

-Papaya (very high in calcium)



-Pineapple (High in citric acid. Only feed small amounts about once a week at the most.)


-Raspberries (Small amounts once or twice a week - too much can give them the runs.)

-Soy (Contrary to popular belief, soy is not harmful to gliders. A piece of tofu is a delicious treat. Just do not forget to also offer your glider his regular calcium and protein.)

-Spinach (A great source of calcium.)


-Sweet Potatoes (I would recommend boiling them and mashing into a puree.)

-Watermelon (Small amounts once or twice a week - too much can give them the runs.)


-Yogurt Plain or flavored, do not use any with artificial sweeteners. Avoid "sugar free"

harap2 faham lah yer. xlarat nak ulang dah nie..hehehe

sumber dari (intan farhana amir, from sugar glider fc)

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